Swim Caps

A truly fun project, creating seal artwork for Belmont Masters Swim Club, that is now used on BMSC website and new Swim Caps!

Belmont Masters encourages all adults (18 years plus), regardless of ability, to swim regularly in order to promote fitness and health in a fun environment.

In 2018, Belmont Masters Swimming Club had their website updated, and had created for them by our resident Graphic Designer, a temporary seal artwork template drawn, that was to be used as the base in creating a water splash image of two seals. The committee however loved the temporary seal artwork and decided to use it for their website instead.

A few months later they then also required new Swim Caps for members. An exceptionally fun project to design as free rein was given. Many concepts where drawn up, and the above image outlines the choices of the 2018 committee who were incredibly supportive of the entire project.

For more information about Belmont Masters Swimming Club or Masters Swimming, visit belmontmastersswimming.com.au